Auto generate invoices, post payments, auto-allocate payments, track PDCs, realtime defaulter list, send email/sms reminders with 1 click   Billing
& Income Tracker

Accessible to: Admin Team

  • Automatic Invoice generation against each flat for regular, fixed charges - e.g., Maintenance Fee.
  • If applicable automatically post service tax for the maintenance fees collected.
  • Supports different Apartment Categories like 2BHK, 3BHK, Penthouse, Serviced apartments - and set charges differently
  • Manual invoice can be keyed for all other receivables such as Ad-Hoc fees or penalties
  • Easy set up of Income Heads - separate income from residents and income from non-residents
  • Easy posting of Amount Collected, with generation of e-receipt which can be sent by email, sms or print
  • Distribute a payment among open invoices or automatically assign the payments on First in-First out principle
  • Create re-curring Society Bills and Invoices
  • Post Dated Cheques can be tracked easily
  • Financial details against each flats viewed with ease, with color coded lights to identify defaulters
  • Email/SMS reminder can be sent to payment defaulters, with amount specific to each defaulter (similar to mail merge of MS Word)
  • Residents can use the "I have paid" button to intimate the treasurer of the payment details
  • Import dues and payments from Tally / Excel
  • Automatically send email of Invoices and Receipts when posted
  • Send line item of open invoices to Defaulters
  • Print open invoices and receipts in batch
  • Filter defaulters on ageing of the due, amount, flat category etc.
  • Very easy to use - be compliant with accounting standards without being an accountant

  • Best Part : Late Payment Interest can be automated in a single click. Simple interest gets calculated & posted automatically by the system. No Intervention needed.

  • Easy Setup in 1 Day. All Migration done by our Team
Billing Details from Income Tracker

Birds Eye View of All Dues from All flats and easy access to Post invoices or collection or view Account Statement of Each Flat

Automatic Billing Rules, Easy to Configure and Accurate Billing to each and every Flat

Birds Eye View of All Vendors and their Account Statement and Easy access to Post Invoices or Vouchers or View Account STatement of each Vendor

Automatic Rendering of Pie Chart and other Graphical Chart of Expenses

Track expenses against accounts, see comparision of previous expenses, budgetting, auto voucher number   Expense Tracker

Accessible to: Admin Team

  • Easy setup and tracking of Direct and Indirect Expense Heads
  • Expenses for past periods can be compared
  • Budgeting for selected Expense Heads, with variance tracking
  • Selection of Petty Cash / Bank Accounts while posting Expenses
  • Printable vouchers generated for every payment posted
  • Online Purchase Requests can be created
  • Approvers can be selected and approval can be made online
  • Once Approved an Invoice can be raised with link to this PO
  • Service Tax and Tax Deducted at Source are automatically captured and posted to relevant Tax Accounts
  • Outstanding dues against Vendors is available
  • Multiple Invoices against a Vendor can be posted
  • Graphical reports for Budget comparision
  • Graphical reports for comparision of Expenses against Previous Years

  • Easy Setup in 1 Day. All Migration done by our Team

Query transactions on bank,or accounts; reconcile transactions, export to excel   Bank & Cash

Accessible to: Admin Team

  • Configure Bank Accounts and Petty Cash
  • Seamlessly integrated with Income Tracker and Expense Tracker - all income and expenses posted reflect against Bank Accounts or Petty Cash
  • Transfer between accounts, withdrawal to Petty Cash can be captured
  • Makes Bank reconciliation very easy
  • Query transactions from all account heads ( Member Income, Non Member Income, Expenses ) within a date range
  • Export the above transactions to Excel and import them to tally if needed

No Setup Required
Birds eye view of Bank Accounts, Reconicle, Pay and Track TDS, Service Tax
Generate Realtime Trial Balance for Any Period

Chart of Accounts, Free flow Journal Entries, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet   General Ledger

Accessible to: Admins

  • Chart of Accounts to configure Assets, Liabilities, Income and Expense Account Heads all in one place
  • Journal Entries to move money to relevant Account Heads
  • Journal Entries to capture asset depreciation, bank charges and loans etc.
  • Free flow query to pull up transactions from any date and any account
  • Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statements with option to export to Excel

  • No Setup Required

View Flat's Society Account Statement Online   Flat Account Statement

Accessible to: All Residents (Information changes according to the individual user /resident)

  • A Resident can view financial details and alerts pertaining to his flat
  • He can view the invoices/receipts against his flat and take printout if required
  • Can make Payments using Debit Card or Credit Card using Online Payment Gateway.

No Setup Required
Account Statement View for each Flat or Villa. Members can print invoices and receipts themselves.

Payment Gateway Screen to pay open invoices using Debit Card or Credit Card

Upload Meter Readings, Auto Calculate Bills, Keep Utility Accounts and Maintenance Accounts separately, Alert only Utility Defaulters   Utility Tracker

Accessible to: Admins

  • Used in cases where Members are billed based on Meter Readings, typically for Piped Gas, Water, Electricity, Diesel Generator etc.
  • Integrates with hand held meter reading devices.
  • Configure Billing formula by Slabs, and also provision for KYC ( Subsidised or Commercial billing )
  • Upload Meter Readings month and month, and System will calculate the Bills based on the formula
  • Provision to save Meter Readings, so month on month - just current readings have to be uploaded and system will keep readings up to date
  • Utility Bills are represented separately from Maintenance Bills - so Tenants can pay Utility Bills, Owners can pay Maintenance Bills
  • Also Utility Dues are not mixed up with Maintenance Bills - so the Arrears shown in each of the Maintenance bills are independent of Utility Bills and vice versa
  • Pull up a list of Utility Defaulters and alert them through Email or SMS.
  • Keep Refundable Deposits for Utilities, and return them when the Tenant leaves or Owner Sells the premises.
  • Facility to Upload Late Payment Interest, Usage charges - additional Revenue for Society
  • Keep separate Bank Accounts for Utility Billing
  • Configure second Bank Account especially for Payment Gateway for Utility Billing

Easy Setup in 1 Day. All Migration done by our Team
Account Statement View for each Flat or Villa. Members can see Maintenance and Utility Dues separately.

Admins view of all Utility Bills.

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