Revenue Generating Applications

Moderate notices posted by residents, integrated with income tracker to generate revenue for Association   Notice Manager

Accessible to: Admin Team

  • Admin can create a workflow to approve notices
  • Admin can set categories like Commercial Notices ( Rental, sale etc.) and Non-Commercial Notices
  • Once a notice is posted by a resident, it comes for approval to the Admin
  • Admin can then set the category based on the notice content
  • Integrated with Income Tracker and an invoice gets posted automatically to the relevant resident's account for commercial notices
  • Once payment is made, the notice can be released
  • Each stage of the workflow can be configured to a different Admin. For eg. Categorization is done by the moderator, invoice,payment posting done by treasurer and final notice release is done by the President or Secretary

Book facilities online, view Conflicts, auto-cancellation   Events & Facility Booking

Accessible to: Residents

  • Calendar which displays booked / blocked facilities and events
  • View facilities booked by resident, and others
  • Resident can book a facility
  • System will not book a facility if a booking already exists
  • Hard Booking : Integrated with payment gateway - A resident can make payment online, and booking gets confirmed instantaneously - no manual intervention is needed

Accessible to: Admins

  • Setup facilities - one time use cost or cost per hour, income account for facility booking, auto-cancel duration for each facility
  • Retire Facilities temporarily
  • Collect payment and confirm booking, cancel booking
  • View past bookings, utilization etc.