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ADDA is a private portal for owners and residents of a apartment/villa complex for networking, society management and accounting

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ADDA GateKeeper for Apartment Visitor Management

ADDA Gatekeeper for Apartment security    

Accessible to: Admin

The ADDA Gatekeeper App is the perfect solution for your housing society's visitor, staff management and security problems. Say good bye to the old way of using manual registers at security gates of apartment complexes!

With the ADDA Gatekeeper app, you can not only keep a track of visitors but also of staff members. Data like name, phone number, apartment visiting, vehicle number, photo of visitor, etc can be noted with ease. The app is compatible with Android version 4.0.3 and onwards.

    Highlights of ADDA GateKeeper :
  • Instant Notifications - Resident/Owner gets instant notification on their Mobile Phones, whenever a visitor checks-in
  • Domestic Help Attendance Tracking - Ability to check Domestic Staff Attendance of Maid, Cook, Driver etc.
  • Add Guests as Expected Visitors - Make your Guests feel welcome by pre-entering them as expected visitors and save their time queueing at the gate
  • Emergency Alert - Ability to Alert Security guards, Family & Neighbours immediately during Emergencies with a button click
  • Security Analytics - With these reports the management committee, society manager gets real time insights on visitor data & trends, gets ability to optimize security guards.
  • A SINGLE integrated system - This means no duplication of contacts database, useful reports cutting across modules (e.g attendance report and agency invoice), ease of use for Society Manager who has to look into one single system for everything: Security, housing society management, apartment billing & accounting.
  • Real Time Sync - App automatically updates check in/checkout details to ApartmentADDA server on the background
  • Easy to Setup - Can be setup in 5 simple steps. Read here
  • Easy to Use - The App is designed in a way which is very easy to learn and use for apartment or villa complex security personnel.
  • Mark Visitors as Frequent – You don’t have to fill up information of frequent visitors again and again. The App does it automatically. You can edit information if required and do simple check in
  • Photo Capture - If required, capture visitor photos along with visitor details
  • App Supports Large ADDAs - App can perform smoothly even when you have a large number of staff, visitors or residents
  • Call/SMS Residents Directly from App - If configured such, security personnel can easily call residents directly from the App to confirm the check in of a visitor

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