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1. how to upoaded doucments

2. How is the Calendar used? [Calendar]

3. Can I post to the Forum from my email inbox? [Forum]

4. I have received an email from my ADDA with a discussion topic. Can I reply to it from my email itself? Or do I have to log in to my ADDA to reply? [Forum]

5. I do not wish to receive ADDA discussions by Email. How do I set my preferences?

6. Can I attach Documents to my Forum Post? Where will it be stored in the ADDA? [Forum]

7. I have placed the Forum email-id in bcc, while writing email to someone. Will the email reach the Forum? [Forum]

8. How can I create a SubGroup [Forum]

9. Can I add other people to my SubGroup [Forum]

10. How to delete a Forum Post [Forum]

11. I find that there is a "" at the end of my Email-ID. How to change? [Forum] [Notice Board]

12. Why can we not set auto-escalation trigger of Tickets in a Category to less than 1 day [HelpDesk]

13. I can lodge my Complaint just by sending SMS? How? [HelpDesk]

14. The Categories on our ADDA's HelpDesk are limited. How to add new Categories? [HelpDesk]

15. I am the Tenant of the Flat. The Complaints being lodged by me are visible to the Owner? [HelpDesk]

16. The Complaints I lodge for my Flat are not visible to others? [HelpDesk]

17. I need opinions on a topic by Vote. How can I create a Poll? [Instant Poll]

18. How to have the MC Members show up under the "Association Office" tab? [Members List]

19. How to have "Staff" show data on My Flat widget? [My Flat]

20. How to have "Visitors" show data on My Flat widget? [My Flat]

21. How can I view all Dues/Invoices and Payments/Receipts of my Flat? [My Flat]

22. How to make Payment for the Maintenance Charges of my Flat? [My Flat]

23. What is the 'I have Paid' option? [My Flat]

24. There is an error on my Account Statement. What should I do? [My Flat]

25. How do I attach a picture with my Notice? [Notice Board]

26. How do I embed a youtube video? [Notice Board]

27. Who populates data in the 'Vendor List'? [Vendor List]

The calendar is used to highlight dates on which an event is scheduled. It pulls information from the noticeboard. Whenever a notice is posted with an event date specified, the calendar gets linked to this notice. No separate entry is required for the calendar.

Yes. When you click "View All" button on the Forum and scroll down, you will see "Group Email ID". It will look like, where xyz will be your association or apartment complex' short name.

Next time you want to post to the Forum, just email to that email-id.  Just ensure you are emailing from your id with which you log in to ADDA.

This will create a post in the Forum, as well as send notification emails to all other users.

You can reply to the email - this reply will reach all other users of your ADDA. Your reply will also get automatically posted in the Forum for the particular post.

After logging in, click on the "My Profile" page on topmost Menu. On the resulting screen, click on the "Notification" tab.  Here you can select the Notification settings as desired by you.

Click on "Save Changes" button.

Note: Even if all Notifications are unselected, the Broadcasts sent by your ADDA Admin (typically the Management Committee) will reach your email.

Yes. Attachments in your Posts are distributed via email, as well as stored in the Forum for 30 days. If any Document is for long-term reference, please store in the 'Documents & Photos'.

No. You can place the Forum email-id in "To" or "Cc". If it is placed in "Bcc", the email will not reach the Forum or the Users.

On Resident Dashboard > Forum, Click "My SubGroups", and then click on 'Create SubGroup'.

Yes. If you are the creator of the SubGroup, you can add other people from the Residents Database to the SubGroup.

You will find this link at the end of each post:

"Remove this Post".

This is available to the Moderator of your ADDA only.

To know who the Moderator of your ADDA is, please look up

Resident's Dashboard > Member List > Association Office.

In case the Forum needs to be converted to a Moderated Forum, please request your ADDA Moderator to write to Read more about the Moderated Forum here:

When your email-id is not receiving emails sent from your ADDA, the email-id is suffixed with "". This means your email-id has been bouncing back all emails sent from your ADDA. You may be missing important updates sent by the Management Committee or other Residents.

To rectify this, please provide a different email-id. To do so, please click on 'My Profile' link at the very top of your Resident's Dashboard. Then click on the 'Account' tab.

Here you can provide a different email id.

Next time you must login with this changed email-id.

A Ticket is auto-escalated to the person on the next level, when no Update happens to it within certain time.

The minimum time in which a Complaint can be escalated is 1 day. Tickets can't be escalated if there is no update to it in certain hours.

The technical feasibility of auto-escalation every hour (system needs to check every hour if any Ticket is ready to be escalated) in a Society setup is not encouraging.

Yes, You Can!  You don't need to be always logged into your ADDA to lodge a HelpDesk Ticket to be resolved by the Association Office.

Just find the 10 digit number on the HelpDesk widget right on your Resident's Dashboard.

Send SMS to this number with your crib. A Ticket will get automatically lodged in your ADDA.

Just make sure the Number from which you are sending the SMS is registered on ADDA. You can check the Phone Number present against your User-ID, by going to "My Profile > Account".

New Categories can be added on "Admin Dashboard > HelpDesk Tracker > Setup".

Yes.  All Complaints that you lodge on your ADDA's HelpDesk will be visible to the Owner of the Flat if he is also part of your ADDA.

The HelpDesk shows the same information to all Users of a Flat.

While lodging the Complaint, please use the "Issue Type" as "Personal".

Then the Complaint will not be visible to others. It will be visible only to you, other Users of your Flat, and the Admin of your ADDA - typically the Management Committee and Society Office Staff.

The "Instant Poll" is very easy to use for creating a quick poll. You can type in the Poll Topic and the Choices. Set up the poll closing date and Save. Your poll is active-  all users can see the poll under "Instant Poll" widget and vote.

If you need to create a secret ballot for highly sensitive topics (e.g., association committee election), please use the "Secret Ballot" on the Admin Dashboard.

Please go to

Admin Dashboard > Manage Users > Approved Users.

Please find the User who is in Management Committee.

Click "Edit" button next to this User.

On the resulting Pop-up you will find a checkbox "Is Member of Association Committee".

Please select this Checkbox and provide the Designation, and Responsibilities.

Click on the 'Update' button.

This feature shows the Domestic Staff working in your Flat.

For this the Society Office must keep a List of Domestic Staff in the ADDA.

For this, please go to:

Admin Dashboard > Staff Manager

In the 'Setup' tab here, you can create Staff Categories (e.g., Maid, Cook, Driver etc.)

In the 'Active' tab you can Add all Staff.

This Feature shows the Visitors who have checked-in through the Main Gate of your Complex, to visit your Flat.

For this it is necessary that the "Visitor & Attendance Tracker" module has been deployed, and the Security Guards have access to ADDA and are trained.

To access this Module, please go to

Admin Dashboard > Visitor & Attendance Tracker.

Resident's Dashboard > My Flat.

You will find a section 'Maintenance Dues'.

Please click on the Figure under this.

You will see a complete Account Statement of your Flat, with Dues and Payments made to the Society.

You can view all Invoices and Receipts right here, and print if required.

Resident's Dashboard > My Flat

You can click on "Pay Online" button, and pay immediately via Credit Card/ Debit Card. The Receipt will be obtained by you immediately at the end of the transaction.

In case you would like to Pay by Cheque or Direct Bank Transfer, please find the Payment Instructions here:

1) "Payment Instructions" link on your Account Statement


2) The Footer of any Invoice.

You find this Option on the Account Statement of your Flat.

On clicking this, you are able to enter the details of any Payment you have made towards the Maintenance or other Charges of the Society.

When you enter these details, they become visible on the Admin side, to the MC members or the Society Staff.

This is especially useful when you make a Direct Bank Transfer, and the Society Staff may not know who had made the Transfer. When they look up the "I have Paid" data they can reconcile such transfers to your Flat.

Please lodge a HelpDesk ticket by going to:

Resident's Dashboard > HelpDesk

After you create the Content of the Notice, please Save it.

Then another link called "Attachments" will become active at the top of the Notice.

You can attach a Picture or Document here.

It is quite simple.

1. In Youtube, to the right of any video you will find link called "Embed". Copy the content in the textbox next to Embed.

2. Paste this link in ADDA's create notice page, inside the text box next to "External link to Picasa/Flickr/Youtube".

3. On step 3 you can do a preview of your notice, and here you can see the embedded video. If it is not showing fine, please paste the link once again as in Step 2. 

Vendor List is collaboratively populated by the residents of your Apartment complex. You can add any local service that you think your neighbours can also utilize.
It is highly recommended to build up your ADDA's Vendor List as vendors recommended by neighbours are more trusted than those picked from local yellowpages.