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ADDA is a private portal for owners and residents of a apartment/villa complex for networking, society management and accounting

Take a look at some of the features

Apartment Society Management Software

Manage Users

Accessible to: Admin Team

  • Resident accounts can be added, approved, deactivated.Bulk upload from spreadsheet to create Apartment Resident Accounts.
  • Admin Access to users provided from this Apartment Management Software.
  • Manager roles can be created for Office Staff.
  • Search on Any Family Information, Vehicle Information, User, Part Phone number etc.
  • View Statistics on ADDA Usage and fix bouncing Email Addresses to drive usage.
  • Manage all Housing Society Data like Sale Deed Number, Move In/out Forms in One Place
  • Roles in ADDA.
manage apartment complex owners and tenants information

Admin Files

Accessible to: Admin Team

  • Storage space for scanned agreements, work in progress documents.
  • Upload all scanned Manuals, Receipts of Various Facilities in the Apartment Complex.
  • Once document is ready to be shared with all residents, one click publishing sends it to the Document Repository.
file storage space for Apartment management committee, RWA members
portal to manage complaints, queries raised by residents

HelpDesk Tracker

Accessible to: Admin Team

  • A resident can lodge two types of Tickets - Personal and Community.
  • "Personal Tickets" can be viewed only by the resident and other members of his or her flat.
  • "Community Tickets" can be viewed by all residents.
  • HelpDesk updates sent through E-mail and SMS.
  • All Tickets can be viewed and acted upon by the admin.
  • Driver for each Ticket can be assigned, status can be changed with relevant notes.
  • Tickets can be automatically escalated if it is not acted upon within a set timeframe.
  • Escalation owners for each level, transition rules can be set for each category.
  • Residents can lodge a Ticket just by sending an SMS to a dedicated Number given to each ADDA!
  • Tickets can also be raised from the Android Application - Install from Google Play.

Projects, Meetings & Tasks

Accessible to: Admin Team

  • Long running projects can be logged under customizable categories, responsibility and status can be assigned.
  • Ensures continuity of work on projects - easy hand over of projects if the issue owner is going to be away for a long while.
  • ADDA sends automatic Email and SMS Reminders for the participants.
  • Close the Meeting and share the Report by Email to all Invitees.
  • Quickly Create Recurring Tasks and monitor tasks and assign them.
setup meetings in apartment complexes, take and circulate notes
to manage all the facilities inside the apartment complex

Asset & Inventory Tracker

Accessible to: Admin Team

  • Information on capital assets can be stored in this application - Asset name, tag number, purchase price & date, scanned documents etc.
  • Service providers can be assigned to each Asset.
  • Email or SMS alerts can be setup for preventive maintenance appointments, renewal of AMC contracts etc.
  • Easy documentation of Service History.
  • Easily Track Inventory with this Housing Society Management Software.
  • Easy to use and stable Facility Management Software.

Secret Ballot

Accessible to: Admin Team (Individual ballot accessible only to the designated Election Officer)

  • The Online Secret Ballot mimics the physical ballot and has more features.
  • 2 kinds of Elections are allowed - EC Election or MC Election.
  • In EC Election - the Executive Committee like President/Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary etc. can be Elected.
  • In MC Election - the Management Committee is elected, then the Executive Committee is formed among themselves.
  • Only the election officer who sets up the poll can view the results online.
  • Ballot can be configured with various settings - e.g., one vote per flat.
  • Once poll is closed, the scores and attendance reports are readily available and can be printed by the election officer.
online polls for posts of management committee like president, secretary, treasurer, etc
reports from all management and accounting modules

Admin Reports

Accessible to: Admin Team

  • Reports from all Management and Accounting Applications consolidated in this application.
  • Very useful readymade reports such as Residents List, Vehicle report, Maintenance Fee defaulters, Cash Flow report, Expense report etc.
  • Any report can be published to the Notice Board with single click, so they can be shared with all residents.

Maintenance Contacts

Accessible to: Admin Team

  • The central directory of your AMC contacts, other maintenance contacts.
  • Due dates of upcoming payments can be set so that you can avoid penalties.
  • These contacts can be assigned to designated Assets in Asset Tracker.
stores all Housing society maintenance related contacts
to track move in and out of tenants or residents

Move In/Out Tracker

Accessible to: Admin Team

  • Setup a workflow for tracking Move Ins and Move Outs.
  • Capture I-Form, J-Form and Share Register Details for each Member.
  • Capture Lease Start and Lease End for Tenants.
  • Verify if all documents have been submitted by member and generate defaulters report.
  • Customize fields for your societies needs.

Setup ADDA Profile

Accessible to: Admin Team

  • Here you set up the the public face of your Apartment complex ( My ADDA Profile).
  • Residents need not repeat directions to their visitors. ADDA lets them email this page to their visitors.
  • Moderate Messages Posted on the Public Wall of your Apartment.
microsite for each apartment complex or gated community
Directory of all staff specific to an apartment

Domestic Staff Manager

Accessible to: Admin Team

  • Directory of all staff specific to a flat, such as domestic help, driver, cook etc.
  • Status such as 'Active', 'Temp', 'Expired' can be assigned to control entry.
  • Details such as Badge Number, phone number, email, address, photograph can be stored for each staff member.
  • Easy and efficient Search Facility.
  • APIs available to seamlessly integrate with hardware devices like RFID cards, Bio-metric scanners etc.

Parking Manager

Accessible to: Admin Team

  • Track all Vehicles, Parking Slots, RFID Tags in one place.
  • Get all Open Parking / Unalloted Slots.
  • Log of all Changes for a Parking Slot can be maintained.
to manage parking in housing societies or apartments