Neighborhood Communication software for residents in housing complexes
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ADDA is a private portal for owners and residents of a apartment/villa complex for networking, society management and accounting

Take a look at some of the features

Neighborhood and Apartment Communication App

Conversations & Groups

Accessible to: All Residents

  • Completely integrated with the Residents List - can easily identify the author of a Conversation post
  • Conversations can be made visible to all or to "owners only"
  • Advanced editor can include images, text formatting, and hyperlinks
  • Encourages participation and takes the bulk away from your email inbox. However email notifications on Conversation activities can be activated by choice
  • Complete email integration with Conversation. Instant notification sent whenever a post happens, response to the post can be made by replying to the email. Response gets recorded on the Forum
  • Ability to moderate Conversation posts by residents nominated as Conversation Moderators

Notice Board

Accessible to: All Residents

  • A snippet of all notices can be seen in one screen.
  • Simple categorization of notices by "Admin Notices", "Buy/Sell Notices" & "General Notices".
  • Set default expiry dates of notices.Complete Email Integration.
  • Notices that announce an event, can be assigned an event date which will link these notices to the Event Calendar.
  • Major reports can be published on notice board with single click.
  • Premium ADDA users have the ability to attach upto 5 document to a notice.

Instant Poll

Accessible to: All Residents

  • Any resident can create a quick poll or participate in one.
  • Results visible to a user after he has voted.
    Anonymous Poll is possible
  • Both multiple choices or only one-option, and Other as Choice are supported
  • Start poll for All Residents or Only Owners or Only Association Committee. Encourages participation the bulk away from your email inbox.
  • Option to restrict one vote per flat. Set an auto close date.

Documents & Gallery

Accessible to: All Residents

  • Repository of uploaded files. Reference documents,By-Laws, Forms etc. can be stored here.
  • Documents can be made accessible to All or to "Owner's only".
  • Documents published by Admin ( Management Committee ) can be classified separately.
  • Documents can be classified into folders, moved between folders, create folders etc.
  • Create Photo Albums and Upload Photos.
  • Like, Comment and community can enrich the album by adding their Photos.

Member List

Accessible to: All Residents

  • Online directory of all residents of the community.
  • Phone numbers and Email address can be masked by the choice of individual resident.
  • Networking information such as hobbies, profession, personal website links, etc. can also be viewed.
  • Sub-list of Management Committee members. Emails can be sent to any resident right from this directory.
  • Ability to Search on name, flat, intercom, occupation, languages, hobbies etc.

Vendor Directory

Accessible to: All Residents

  • Directory of common service providers in the community.
  • Quality of service of each vendor can be rated
  • Helps any new resident to settle down with a single click!