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ADDA is a private portal for owners and residents of a apartment/villa complex for networking, Apartment management and accounting

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GST Compliant Apartment Accounting & Billing Software

Apartment Accounting Software is a system that helps users to manage their Apartment Complex accounting activities, such as Billing & Income tracking, Expenses tracking, General Ledger, Utilities Tracking etc.

Billing & Income Tracker

Accessible to: Admin Team

  • Automatic Invoice generation against each flat for regular, fixed charges - e.g.Maintenance Fee.
  • If applicable automatically post service tax for the maintenance fees collected.
  • Supports different Apartment Categories like 2BHK, 3BHK, Penthouse, Serviced apartments - and set charges differently.
  • Easy set up of Income Heads - separate income from residents and income from non-residents.
  • Easy posting of Amount Collected, with generation of e-receipt which can be sent by email, sms or print.
  • Distribute a payment among open invoices or automatically assign the payments on First in-First out principle.
  • Create recurring Apartment Bills and Invoices with this Apartment accounting software.
  • Post Dated Cheques can be tracked easily.
  • Financial details against each flats viewed with ease, with color coded lights to identify defaulters.
  • Email/SMS reminder can be sent to payment defaulters, with amount specific to each defaulter (similar to mail merge of MS Word).
  • Residents can use the "I have paid" button to intimate the treasurer of the payment details.
  • Import dues and payments from Tally / Excel.
  • Automatically send email of Invoices and Receipts when posted.
  • Send line item of open invoices to Defaulters.
  • Print open invoices and receipts in batch.
  • Filter defaulters on ageing of the due, amount, flat category etc.
  • Very easy to use - be compliant with accounting standards without being an accountant.
  • Best Part : Late Payment Interest can be automated in a single click. Simple interest gets calculated & posted automatically by the system. No Intervention needed.
  • Easy Setup in 1 Day. All Migration done by our Team.
billing tracker to maintain payment details of resident’s/owner’s
expense tracker for maintaining list of vendors, Purchase requests, Expense Comparison, Budgets

Expense Tracker

Accessible to: Admin Team

  • Easy setup and tracking of Direct and Indirect Expense Heads using Apartment Accounting Software
  • Expenses for past periods can be compared.
  • Budgeting for selected Expense Heads, with variance tracking.
  • Selection of Petty Cash / Bank Accounts while posting Expenses.
  • Printable vouchers generated for every payment posted.
  • Online Purchase Requests can be created.
  • Approvers can be selected and approval can be made online.
  • Once Approved an Invoice can be raised with link to this PO.
  • Service Tax and Tax Deducted at Source are automatically captured and posted to relevant Tax Accounts.
  • Outstanding dues against Vendors is available.
  • Multiple Invoices against a Vendor can be posted.
  • Graphical reports for Budget comparision.
  • Graphical reports for comparision of Expenses against Previous Years.
  • Easy Setup in 1 Day. All Migration done by our Team.

Bank & Cash

Accessible to: Admin Team

  • Configure Bank Accounts and Petty Cash.
  • Seamlessly integrated with Income Tracker and Expense Tracker - all income and expenses posted reflect against Bank Accounts or Petty Cash.
  • Transfer between accounts, withdrawal to Petty Cash can be captured.
  • Makes Bank reconciliation very easy.
  • Query transactions from all account heads ( Member Income, Non Member Income, Expenses ) within a date range.
  • Export the above transactions to Excel and import them to tally if needed.
  • No Setup Required.
for viewing apartment related transactions and for reconciliation of data
for recording all financial transactions, assets, liabilities of Apartment Complex

General Ledger

Accessible to: Admins

  • Chart of Accounts to configure Assets, Liabilities, Income and Expense Account Heads all in one place.
  • Journal Entries to move money to relevant Account Heads.
  • Journal Entries to capture asset depreciation, bank charges and loans etc.
  • Free flow query to pull up transactions from any date and any account.
  • Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statements with option to export to Excel.
  • No Setup Required.

Flat Account Statement

Accessible to: All Residents (Information changes according to the individual user /resident)

  • A Resident can view financial details and alerts pertaining to his flat on this Apartment accounting software.
  • He can view the invoices/receipts against his flat and take printout if required.
  • Can make Payments using Debit Card or Credit Card using Online Payment Gateway.
  • No Setup Required.
for maintaining financial details and sending alerts regarding residents payments
to track utility payments like water, gas, DG expenses

Utility Tracker

Accessible to: Admins

  • Used in cases where Members are billed based on Meter Readings, typically for Piped Gas, Water, Electricity, Diesel Generator etc.
  • Integrates with hand held meter reading devices.
  • Configure Billing formula by Slabs, and also provision for KYC ( Subsidised or Commercial billing )
  • Upload Meter Readings month and month, and System will calculate the Bills based on the formula.
  • Provision to save Meter Readings, so month on month - just current readings have to be uploaded and system will keep readings up to date.
  • Utility Bills are represented separately from Maintenance Bills - so Tenants can pay Utility Bills, Owners can pay Maintenance Bills.
  • Also Utility Dues are not mixed up with Maintenance Bills - so the Arrears shown in each of the Maintenance bills are independent of Utility Bills and vice versa.
  • Pull up a list of Utility Defaulters and alert them through Email or SMS.
  • Keep Refundable Deposits for Utilities, and return them when the Tenant leaves or Owner Sells the premises.
  • Facility to Upload Late Payment Interest, Usage charges - additional Revenue for Apartments.
  • Keep separate Bank Accounts for Utility Billing.
  • Configure second Bank Account especially for Payment Gateway for Utility Billing.
  • Easy Setup in 1 Day. All Migration done by our Team

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