A 165 unit Apartment Complex used ADDA for Fiscal year 2009-2010. It achieved 98% collection of ALL receivables from residents through the year, and then the same score every quarter! This is due to the efficient use of the Income Tracker Module which does automatic billing and reminders for dues. Before using ADDA, only 70% of these receivables could be collected, along with high write-offs due to incorrect amounts paid and Owners who were not reachable.

In a 300 unit Villa Complex using ADDA, the General Body decided to change its Maintenance Fee structure. From a higher per sq.ft. fee, it needed to move to a lower per sq.ft. fee with a ceiling. The Treasurer impacted this change in ADDA within 15 minutes flat. This was possible due to the flexible formula setup in the Income Tracker, combined with the database of Apartments with respective square feet and categories.

Central Datastore

A 576 unit villa complex with highly transitory population, maintained multiple Residents Databases when they used email group for communication. The villa complex also has a 2000 strong domestic staff (cooks, maids, drivers etc.). Maintaining Alternate Addresses of Non-Resident Owners, Tenant Move-In/Out, Phone Numbers, Domestic Staff, Vehicle and other details against the Villas was a challenge. After trying with spreadsheets, registers and in-house softwares they moving to ADDA. Now they have a central database with all these information, with pre-configured reports to analyse this information. The 5-year old googlegroup was closed and ADDA has become the communication forum of the Residents and the workstation of the Association Office Staff.


A 290 unit Apartment Complex has been using ADDA for over a year. In the second year of usage, the Association had to split into two Associations. ADDA created two new ADDAs for the new Associations, with smooth migration of the segregated data and carryover of respective dues!

Online Request Management

A 800 unit Apartment Complex with state-of-the-art facilities has cultivated a highly proactive culture. Any shortcomings in the campus are not overlooked, but promptly raised by the Residents. The Association Office uses great processes and administrative team to service these work requests / complaints promptly. A 24X7 helpdesk services an average of 120 complaints per day!

The Association was grappling with the issue of finding a good software system which can organize the Complaint Management process better. Make self-service possible in logging complaints, create an automatic feedback loop, and obtain intelligence from the Complaints statistics. After trying to make free portals work, they moved to ADDA. In 2 months of usage 3000 complaints have been serviced, most of which have been logged in by the Residents themselves. With quick feedback mechanism the Helpdesk team feels recognized for its outstanding work!