In 2006 Venkat and Sangeeta bought an Apartment in Bangalore, complete with the regular amenities of Elevators, Power Backup, Beautiful Landscaping, a RoofTop Swimming Pool and Gym.

As the 6th Family that moved into the Complex, they were part of the Core Committee by default. An Enthusiastic group of first-time Home Owners who were confident of making their Apartment Complex a Paradise to come back to every Evening.

Of course, what met them every Evening was, a Meeting. To discuss the various Issues that the Builder had kept Open. The unreliable Water Supply, the flickering temporary Electricity, the cracks on some Walls already showing up! They desperately needed to discuss these issues PRIVATELY with other Owners, including those who had not yet moved in, living across India and the World.

They needed a Reliable Communication Portal.

Once the Builder completed 1 Year of Warranty Maintenance Period and stepped out, the true magnitude of the Issues emerged.

They discovered the Sewage Treatment Plant!

And the Lift Breakdowns, Security Lapses, Drying up Landscaping, Empty Overhead Tanks, Generator running out of Diesel on Summer Nights, Work Requests of Residents un-attended,

They needed a Facility Management Software.

Finally, they discovered that Owners don't pay Maintenance Charges just because they have to, Owners demand Answers before Paying up! Most of them don't know their Complete Dues. And some don't know who to Pay. And, the Defaulters List, manually done by Treasurer, can break Solid Friendships!

They needed a Billing & Accounting Software

Venkat & Sangeeta were confident that Google God had an Answer. In the form of an Integrated Online Software. There was no answer, other than a Free software for a Communication Portal.

Putting their Experience in Agile Web Development and ERP to use, ApartmentADDA.com development was started in September 2008. The first launch was in November 2008. The first Paying Customer signed up in January 2009.