ADDA is the product of 3Five8 Technologies Pvt. Ltd., with Offices in Bangalore and Mumbai, and Sales presence across India.

ADDA Motto: Rise High.

We believe in the Natural Leadership that makes a Hand shoot up in the Association Nomination. In spite of Busy Schedules and Demanding Careers, confident Hands across India Rise High to become President, Secretary, Treasurer in Housing Societies of HighRises.

ADDA strives to be the Product in these Hands of Social Leaders, that Raise the Standard of not only the Housing Society, but India as a whole.

ADDA is a leading Brand of India that solves a problem very close to each of us - our urban neighbourhoods with modern Apartment Living. With every new Apartment Township coming up, the entire neighbourhood around it is built around the township. Local shops slowly mushroom, service providers start newspaper inserts and neighbourhood freelancers make their offerings known.. Residents discover all these right on their ADDA.

In all progressive neighbourhoods, Apartment Owners Associations, or Housing Societies, or Resident Welfare Associations act as a strong anchor. Unlike most other countries, Apartment Owners Associations in India are well-organised, regulated by state laws, with greater financial responsibility and administrative involvement in the neighbourhood welfare.

    ADDA serves the Neighbourhood in two significant ways:
  • Enable the Residents discover and engage in their Neighbourhood.
  • Enable the Association/Society to administrate and lead their Neighbourhood.

We dedicate ourselves to creating this beautiful Product, that helps Residents of the Neighbourhood Rise High, together.

If you believe in the vision of innovating to build and sustain a better Neighbourhood, You and We belong together! Drop a line to us here.

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