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142. The Society shall maintain the following books of accounts, records and the registers:
(i) The Register of Members in ā€œIā€ form, prescribed under Rule 32 of the MCS Rules, 1961
(ii) The List of Members in 'J' form, prescribed under Rule 33 of the MCS Rules, 1961
(iii) The Cash Book.
(iv) The General Ledger.
(v) The Personnel Ledger.
(vi) The Property Register.
(vii) The Share Register.
(viii) The Sinking Fund Register.
(ix) The Audit Rectification Register in 'O' form, prescribed under Rules 73 of the MCS Rules, 1961
(x) The Investment Register.
(xi) The Nomination Register.
(xii) The Loan Register ( if loan is raised ).
(xiii) The Mortgage Register (if the property is mortgaged).
(xiv) The Minutes Book for the meetings of the Committee of the society.
(xv) The Minutes Book for the meetings of the general body of the society.
(xvi) Register of deposits made with the Local Authority, the Electric Supply Company and any other Authorities.
(xvii) The Register of Furniture, Fixtures and Office Equipments.
(xviii) The Register of Library Books.
(xix) The Register of Allotment of Flats.
(xx) Structural Audit Register (wherever applicable).

143. The Society shall maintain separate files for the following items:
(i) Applications for membership.
(ii) Applications for associate membership.
(iii) Applications for nominal membership.
(iv) Letters of resignation of membership including associate and nominal membership.
(v) Applications for transfer of shares and/or interest in the capital/property of the society.
(vi) Cases of expulsion of members.
(vii) Nominations made by members including revocation thereof.
(viii) Separate file for correspondence entered into with each member.
(ix) Correspondence with the Registering Authority.
(x) Correspondence on property taxes including Non-agricultural taxes.
(xi) Correspondence on water charges.
(xii) Correspondence on electric supply.
(xiii) Correspondence about conveyance of the property.
(xiv) Agreements, Contract deeds with papers connected thereto.
(xv) Approved plans of construction and correspondence thereon.
(xvi) Application for exchange of flats.
(xvii) Correspondence about allotment of flats.
(xviii) Applications for allotment of parking spaces and stilts.
(xix) Vouchers, along with the bills relating thereto arranged in order of entries in the cash book and the journal.
(xx) Counterfoils of challans for credits of amounts into the bank, arranged in order of dates of credits.
(xxi) Counterfoils of cheques issued.
(xxii) Counterfoils of share certificates.
(xxiii) Applications for duplicate share certificates.
(xxiv) Application for registration of the society, the copy of the bye-laws and amendments thereto.
(xxv) A certificate of registration fully framed.
(xxvi) Counterfoils of receipts of carbon copies of receipts issued by the Society.
(xxvii) Counterfoils of bills of carbon copies of bills for the society's charges.
(xxviii) Correspondence about loan received and property of the society mortgaged.
(xxix) Notices & agenda of the meetings of the general body of the society.
(xxx) Periodical statements of accounts prepared by the society.
(xxxi) Committee's annual reports on the working of the society.
(xxxii) Audit memos received from the Statutory Auditors, with rectification reports thereon.
(xxxiii) Audit reports received from Internal Auditors, with recertification reports thereon.
(xxxiv) Notice and agenda of the meetings of the Committee.
(xxxv) Papers pertaining to the election to the Committee.
(xxxvi) Complaint from members and correspondence thereof.
Note: The society shall also maintain separate files relating to other subjects not expressly indicated above.

144. Unless otherwise decided by the Committee, it shall be the responsibility of the Secretary of the society to maintain and keep upto date the account books, registers and other records mentioned under the bye-laws Nos. 142 and 143.

145. The Secretary of the Society or the paid employee, authorised by the Committee in that behalf, may retain in his personal custody, at the close of every day, a sum, not exceeding Rs.300 (Rupees Three Hundred only), for petty expenses. If due to avoidable circumstances, the cash on hand has exceeded the above limit, the excess cash shall be credited into the bank within the next 3 days by the Secretary or any other person authorised by the Committee to keep cash on hand.

146. All payments in excess of Rs. 1500/- shall be made by means of crossed A/c Payee's Cheques.

147. (a) Within 45 days of the close of every co-operative year, the Secretary of the society or any other person, authorised by the committee in that behalf, shall finalise the accounts of the preceding co-operative year, prepare the Receipts and Payments Statement, the Income and Expenditure Statement for the said year and the Balance Sheet as at the close of the said year in the forms prescribed under Rule 62(i) of the MCS Rules, 1961 along with the list of members, as at the close of the preceding co-operative year, with amounts to their credit in the share capital account and deposits if any, the schedules of investment, the debtors, the creditors, the furniture, the fixtures and the office equipments etc.
(b) In case it is not possible to finalise the annual statements of Accounts within the period mentioned in the bye-law no. 147(a), the extension of time shall be sought for under Rule 61 of the MCS Rules, 1961 from the Registering Authority, by furnishing a copy of the resolution of the Committee meeting, explaining the reasons for the delay.

148. Every paid employee, holding any office in the society and handling cash and/or securities of the society, shall furnish such security, as is provided under Rule 107B of the MCS Rules 1961