Here are the resources compiled from the Water Workshop. Participants will also receive invitations to join the ‘Voices for Water’, invitations will arrive from the Rainwater Club.


Extract from BWSSB presentation

Water facts in Bangalore



Sustainable water supply in Apartments

WATER WISE- Water quality



The below set of links provides a guide towards community rainwater harvesting and integrated water management and the story of how Rainbow Drive achieved it.  This was published in the Citizen Matters.  While it is written as though it is for a layout, its principles are applicable to the Apartment Complex or any group housing context :

Water supply from the bottom up

RWH in a layout: getting started

RWH in a layout: engaging the people

RWH in a layout: What, how, why and how much

RWH in a layout: Residents are water managers


Videos on various facets of Water management

Rooftop rainwater harvesting in an apartment block -Bangalore India

Borewell – Workings, fissures and water in hard rock

Borewells in India – determining recharge rates for rainwater harvesting

Water in a recharge well, well after the rains

Rainwater harvesting,H2S strip test for e.coli and SODIS

Bangalore urban water supply- Chlorine use to disinfect water

Bangalore-Treating kitchen waste water for reuse

Rainwater-Rice on the roof

Electrical and Water Metering of borewells

Gayatri and Gautam RWH

Mr Krishnan explains his Rainwater harvesting system


The website of Rainwater Club and Biome Environmental Solutions


More casestudies in Bangalore

Below link provides a whole bunch of case studies spatially mapped of different communities / individuals that have done rainwater harvesting or Integrated water management.  It also provides a story, photographs and videos if available for each of the case studies.  This is best viewed on mozilla firefox :


Useful tips


Lower your water bills with these simple steps

A change of a flush, a bucket bath, a dual sink, here are simple ways to conserve water in your own homes. .


All about water purifiers

Is your tap water safe or do you need to purify it? Or should you just buy bottled water? How do you decide? Here is a quick guide to water quality and water purifiers. .


Not a drop to waste How can we conserve water? How does one start on recycling water and harvesting rainwater. An introduction from India Water Portal..

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