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GateKeeper: The Journey from a Visitor Management System to a Comprehensive Security Management System

According to a research, 65% of people choose Apartment Living, because of the security it provides. A major part of our Apartment Maintenance Expenses also goes towards Apartment Security.  Yet there are these aspects about Security, which keep bothering us: It is not difficult for troublemakers to enter the complex by writing false information in the

Visitor Management in Apartment Complexes: Still In Stone Age?

In a survey conducted by ApartmentADDA, more than 65% Apartment Residents responded that Security is the main reason that they chose Apartment Living. While more than 25% of the Maintenance Expense is budgeted for Security, the Gate Management in a Gated Community happens using the earliest of tools – The Register. The information of every

Krishi Kalyan Cess on Service Tax in Apartment Complexes

According to the last Finance Budget 2016-17 laid before the Parliament, the Honourable Finance Minister had introduced a Krishi Kalyan Cess (KKC). This tax would be 0.5 per cent of all taxable services. The proceeds of this cess would be exclusively used for financing initiatives relating to improvement of agriculture and welfare of farmers. Krishi

Collection Gateway Vs Payment Gateway: What to choose for your Housing Society

Collection Gateway is a sub-optimal method of collecting maintenance charges in housing societies, which many management committees are choosing, due to lack of awareness. Read on to know how it differs from a payment gateway solution and the reasons why collection gateways never becomes successful in housing societies. The secret behind well-run Housing Societies and Apartment Owners Associations is

India’s 1st App for Management Committee now in iOS too!

Dear iFans, here’s some great news for you! ApartmentADDA Admin App is now available on iOS too! It has a superbly designed UI, it is blazing fast and it makes available all essential features of Apartment Management to the Management Committee, Association members on the go. It has been always a mission for ApartmentADDA to

Gatekeeper App to Bolster Security in your Residential Complex

The main reason why most of the urban population prefer to stay in an apartment complex is because of the security it offers. Security for the Property and Security for the Family. However, the most vulnerable part of the Security system in Apartment Complexes – The Gate, faces many critical problems. Visitor Logs: Visitor data is entered

5 Steps to Transform Security of your Apartments – Gatekeeper

One of the main reasons why people choose to live in Gated Communities is the security of their Home and Family. However, the Security Gate is one of the most non-digitized aspects of a Gated Community. This New Year, why not change that?! With increasing popularity of home delivery for food, services or ecommerce goods,

Swachh Bharat Cess on Service Tax in Apartment Complexes

Dear ADDA Treasurers, You may have heard of the Swach Bharat Cess being added to Service Tax. A circular was published by Revenue department on 6-Nov-2015, based on which below is the majority interpretation. Clarifications are still pending from the department and our Team is on top of all information in this regard. Please find

How to use ApartmentADDA for managing AGMs in your apartment complex

It’s that time of the year when you conduct Annual General Meetings in your apartment complexes. Nowadays many Apartment Complex Management Committees have started planning their AGMs using an Apartment Management Software. Its makes the entire planning and execution process much easier and hassle free. Here’s a list of ApartmentADDA features which you can use

Top 5 Common Frauds by Builders

Once in a while we hear a friend or a colleague speak about a “builder” scam and how a certain someone is stuck in it or has been conned. Several local dailies often speak about it and buyers often feel nervous when indulging in a purchase decision. Real Estate scams range from legal frauds to
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