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The ADDA Explainer Video Has Been Unveiled!

We are a product that is used by over 18,500+ apartment complexes with 700,000 active users. Hence, it may be safe to say that the ADDA app needs no detailed introduction. That said, we are a product that is evolving at a rapid pace. Our team works round the clock to improve, enhance and make the app

If I Were The Bengaluru Mayor Contest

ApartmentADDA in collaboration with CitizenMatters recently organized an essay competition on the topic “If I were the Bengaluru Mayor”. The contest requested participants aged 15+, from across the city to submit an essay on what changes they would implement if they got to be the Mayor of this beautiful city. To say that the event was

Every Well Managed Apartment Complex Has An ADDA

If you live in a gated society or more so, if you are on the managing committee of a residential complex, you’ll be more than aware of the pain-points of running it – Keeping track of the expenses, Optimizing costs, Overseeing staff attendance and day to day maintenance, Making sure smooth running of heavy machinery like generators,

Over Rs.10 Billion Maintenance Dues Managed via ADDA. A glimpse of 2016.

ApartmentADDA Team wishes each and everyone out there a very Happy 2017! Thanking all customers for your support through 2016. Below is a snapshot of how the last year went for us – A story told through numbers. Looking forward to create a larger impact across more gated communities in 2017. Together let’s make Apartment Living

Help Your Apartment Maid / Cook to open a Bank Account & Cope with Demonetization

Here’s a 5 Step guide on how you can help your domestic help (cook, maid, driver, gardener) open bank accounts (even if they do not have ID or Address proof) and cope with demonetisation. Read about how 3 years back Adarsh Palm Meadows (a 550+ villa community) in Bangalore got bank accounts made for all their

The Maharashtra Ownership of Flat Act 1963 (MOFA) Addendum

According to a recent circular, issued by The Maharashtra State Police Department, the Government has implemented an addendum to The Maharashtra Ownership Flat Act-1963 ( MOFA) & the MRTP Act 1966. According to the circular, builders are liable to be jailed for 3 years, 5 years or 9 years depending upon the nature of the violation

BBMP Demolition of Construction over Storm Water Drains (Rajakaluve): Protest Meeting

Hundreds of citizens had gathered at Bangalore Town Hall to register their anger and protest against the BBMP demolitions of constructions done over Storm Water Drains (rajakaluve) and to demand justice and accountability from the government by participating in a program organised by Namma Bengaluru Foundation in partnership with ApartmentADDA on 27th August, 2016. The

Namma Bengaluru Workshop on Real Estate Act 2016 (RERA)

In a unique initiative to help real estate consumers of Bengaluru understand and be aware of their rights, MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar and Namma Bengaluru Foundation along with Community Partner ApartmentADDA, on 18th June, 2016 launched the Namma Hakku –Citizens’ Rights Series. The first in the series of interactive sessions was organized with an objective to awaken, inform and

ApartmentADDA: The Essential Platform for all Forward Thinking Housing Societies

There were many awesome neighbourhood initiatives which came to us as entries for the Rise High Award 2016. Stories of 2 Apartment Complexes from 2 different cities; how their Association and Residents came together to implement society initiatives, and how ADDA helped them on their way, is presented in this blog. Sobha Ivory, Pune solves

Rise High Chronicles: Apartment Neighborhood Initiatives of Palm Greens, Ahmedabad

As a part of the 2016 chapter of the RISE HIGH awards (India’s only award recognizing Apartment Community Initiatives), more than 200 entries came in from across India, among them 35 was shortlisted. The winner was to Blue Ridge, Pune. The first runner up was The Imperial, Mumbai, India’s highest residential towers. The second runner up was Palm Greens, Ahmedabad. The
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