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Ways to Avoid Water Scarcity in your Apartment Complex

Summer has just kicked in. One of the key challenges during summers in Apartment Complexes, packed with modern amenities, is to meet the water demands for keeping all the amenities working. Typically, it’s seen that Apartment Residents consume anything between 140 to 250 litres of water per day! During rest of the year, most apartment

Swach Apartment Abhiyan – 8 Tips For An Uber-Clean Home

Its 2017! While the celebrations and the parties are dying down, people all over the world are chasing new beginnings and dreams, so overall, it is a happy time! This is one of the first few articles that we’re going to dole out this year and so we thought, why not make it about something

Everything About Apartment Elevators / Lifts: Safety, Servicing, Modernisation and Compliance

Elevator, commonly known as Lift, has become an essential element in day to day Apartment living. In this extensive blog we will cover in details the following topics: Various Do’s and Don’t related to Elevators Precautions you should take during Monsoons Servicing Elevators in Apartments and Modernization IS standards and PWD rules for elevators, Apartment Lifts Lift

3 Aspects of Well Maintained Swimming Pools in Apartments

This Summer has recorded record high temperatures in years. This is exactly when Residents find their Apartments swimming pool a blessing and feel grateful to the Association/Society for maintaining it well. This also means the Association / Management Committee needs to be on its toes so that the Pool is on optimum maintenance for such peak usage. Here is a

4 Tips for Apartment Complexes to Beat The 2016 Summer

This year every city is experiencing unprecedented high temperatures even before summer has officially set it. Many states like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telengana are reporting extreme water shortages.  It seems like we are looking at a few tough months of summer before us. Given the present scenario, Apartment Complexes must be geared up to handle the

Gatekeeper App to Bolster Security in your Residential Complex

The main reason why most of the urban population prefer to stay in an apartment complex is because of the security it offers. Security for the Property and Security for the Family. However, the most vulnerable part of the Security system in Apartment Complexes – The Gate, faces many critical problems. Visitor Logs: Visitor data is entered

New Year Resolutions for Residents of Apartment Complex, Housing Society

It’s the New Year; the time to take new resolutions and set new goals. Why don’t we set a goal this year to make Living in an Apartment the Delightful experience it was sold to be! Yes! This can be done irrespective of what your Builder did or did not give. Try one or all

Home Insurance for natural disasters like flood and Earthquake

It would take a minimum of 10-15 years of hard earned money and lifelong emotions for a common Indian to buy a house for himself and his family. The owner would then pay installments against the home loan and purchase valuable items to ensure a house becomes a home. But the dream might become a

Insurance for damaged cars after Chennai floods. Here are top 3 things car owners should keep in mind.

Chennai floods have already caused a severe damage to your car, but you may not find it apparent. If you have a comprehensive car insurance and want to claim for damages in order to be eligible for that, here are the top 3 things you should keep in mind.   Do not start your car

Save Whitefield Protest: Get your neighbours together through ADDA

Fondly known as the Silicon Valley of India and the hub for web startups, Bangalore has seen a fast growth with regard to opportunities over the last decade. With a steady influx of population coming into the city, the poor quality of public infrastructure has become a major issue, causing frustration to daily office goers
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