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Property Investment Insights: Hottest Real Estate Investment Hubs In Hyderabad

Hyderabad – The city famed for the grandeur of the Nizams and it’s battle with Bangalore to compete for the title of India’s IT capital. Much like Bangalore, Hyderabad too attracts a large crowd of young minds who go there to pursue their dreams. Rich in cultural heritage, infrastructure and technological advancements, this capital city

How To Celebrate An Eco-Friendly Holi

It’s that time of the year again! Holi – India’s much-beloved festival is here! Holi is a Hindu harvest/ spring festival that is held in honor of Lord Krishna and it is typically celebrated in Feb or March. This is festival of fun and frolic, where friends and family gather to smear and dunk each

Do Home Loans Help You Save On Income Tax?

Owning a home is a dream for many. An average Indian saves a better part of their income for the down payment of their dream home and then spend a good part of their remaining life paying off the loan. For most Indians, buying a home is a huge financial decision and it often requires

How to Protect your Apartment from Hazardous Cell Phone Tower Radiations?

We have always enjoyed the benefits and convenience of technology. It is now time for us to consider the tradeoffs between the advantages and harmful effects that few technological advancements like cell phone towers, Wifi routers pose to human life. In this digital era, every communication that happens around us involves transmission and reception of

Apartment Complex: Summer Community Activities for Kids

Summer vacation is a time for fun. Yes, there’s the sun beating down on us relentlessly so outdoor activities may be hard to do unless there’s plenty of shade. That said, summer vacation gives children a time to develop their skill-set and develop as an individual. Kids are very energetic and restless. Finding productive activities

Guidelines To Make Your Apartment Living More Secure

Living in an apartment complex is the most convenient option for many urban dwellers. The advantages of staying in an apartment society are many: Access to utilities such as Gym, Swimming pool, Play areas, Walker’s park, etc Additional facilities such as 24-hour uninterrupted water and power supply Community living; Hobby classes, festival celebrations Ease of

Ways to Avoid Water Scarcity in your Apartment Complex

Summer has just kicked in. One of the key challenges during summers in Apartment Complexes, packed with modern amenities, is to meet the water demands for keeping all the amenities working. Typically, it’s seen that Apartment Residents consume anything between 140 to 250 litres of water per day! During rest of the year, most apartment

Swach Apartment Abhiyan – 8 Tips For An Uber-Clean Home

Its 2017! While the celebrations and the parties are dying down, people all over the world are chasing new beginnings and dreams, so overall, it is a happy time! This is one of the first few articles that we’re going to dole out this year and so we thought, why not make it about something

Everything About Apartment Elevators / Lifts: Safety, Servicing, Modernisation and Compliance

Elevator, commonly known as Lift, has become an essential element in day to day Apartment living. In this extensive blog we will cover in details the following topics: Various Do’s and Don’t related to Elevators Precautions you should take during Monsoons Servicing Elevators in Apartments and Modernization IS standards and PWD rules for elevators, Apartment Lifts Lift

3 Aspects of Well Maintained Swimming Pools in Apartments

This Summer has recorded record high temperatures in years. This is exactly when Residents find their Apartments swimming pool a blessing and feel grateful to the Association/Society for maintaining it well. This also means the Association / Management Committee needs to be on its toes so that the Pool is on optimum maintenance for such peak usage. Here is a
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