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Launching Buzzar: Book Home Services right from your ADDA!

How often have you found yourself in a similar situation? You have your domestic help in your apartment to take care of the regular chores of cleaning, cooking, etc. and your apartment complex would have a plumber and electrician in-house, who takes care of simple leakages, short-circuits, etc. Yet often you need specialized services for

Can Omniprocessor help Water Scarcity in Apartments?

It has been well established that it is about time we had a technology which found more effective ways of treating waste. You may already know about TZed Homes which is a “Rise High” Awardee that has successfully converted its Sewage Water into Potable Water. Of course, they wish the Technology could be less cumbersome to

Photo Contest: View from the Top

The earth and everything in it looks extra beautiful when you see it from above. It is for this beauty that you crave for window seats in flights, you go for long drives and treks up mountains, to get a slice of the blissful view of the world below! It is because of this view

ADDA on TOI front page!

  Today we woke up to the pleasant SMSes and WhatsApp messages from Customers, Investors and Friends! They were about this well compiled Front Page article on ADDA and Housing Societies on Times of India Mumbai edition! What delighted us was the Page-3 continuation of it, with quotes from so many of our Customers! We can’t

ADDA on 94.3 Radio One!

  "Awaaz Ki Duniya Ke Doston Ko Humara Pyar Bhara Namashkar"….. No..San didn’t open our interview with HrishiKay with that line.. Though she really wanted to! 🙂 Here is an otherwise awesome Interview of our CEO San Banerjee with the legendary HrishiKay of Radio One!         Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer

ADDA – behind the scene

 Dear ADDA Users, Have you ever wondered what ADDA Team uses at the backend to keep your ADDA running 24×7, 366 Days a year? Well, it is not as pretty as your Resident or Admin’s Dashboard – the tech team loves you more. Here is a tour of ADDA Factory 🙂       Here

Disclosure. ADDA Tube.

  If you did read till the "Sign Up Here" link or noticed the "NoBell Prize", you would have figured that ADDA Tube was an April Fool Creation. If you chose not to figure it out, we love you more! Since 2011, we have maintained a Heritage of doing a Prank Product Launch every April-1. April-2011: ApartmentVille –

Launching ADDA Tube

Dear ADDA User, Door Delivery is a way of your Life now. Right from the Morning Milk Packet, to the Gas Cylinder, to the Pizza, and now your Shoes too, get Delivered right to your Doors. But there is one major Problem in this. It is the "Door". You need to Answer that Door to

World Water Day Event in Bangalore 22-23March

The Alternative, a Media Platform for Sustainable Living, together with Arghyam, India Water Portal and Biome Environment Services, presents Savings On The House – a showcase of pioneering water conservation initiatives across apartments and homes in Bangalore. Watch innovative ideas in action. Look at systems and processes that have reduced the digging of borewells, driven

Testimonial: Purva FountainSquare

Here is an ADDA of 1150 flats, with one of the youngest MCs, where the Deployment was started by one MC team and phase-wise continued by the subsequent MC teams. Purva FountainSquare with an ornate Fountain just like in Trevi Square, Rome. Mr. Somesh Agarwal, Mr. Manish Sanghi, Mr. Bahubali Shete were part of the
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