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GATC – ADDA’s unique way to celebrate Navratri

Everyone has a unique way to celebrate the goddess and her power during Navratri. We, at ADDA, are no exception. On the 9 days that lead up to Navratri, the entire ADDA family gathers in the office 15 minutes before lunch to dance around the cubicles. It’s fun. We typically try to pull off some

Launch of DADA. Peace to your Forums!

  FORUM. The most engaging, useful, powerful community feature of your ADDA. But, frequently it turns into a raging battleground where unpleasant words are exchanged, egos are bruised, neighborly decorum is shattered. Entertainment for all, but a nightmare for the Management Committee. MCs across India have tried to work out a solution. Various Moderation features

Disclosure. ADDA Tube.

  If you did read till the "Sign Up Here" link or noticed the "NoBell Prize", you would have figured that ADDA Tube was an April Fool Creation. If you chose not to figure it out, we love you more! Since 2011, we have maintained a Heritage of doing a Prank Product Launch every April-1. April-2011: ApartmentVille –

Launching ADDA Tube

Dear ADDA User, Door Delivery is a way of your Life now. Right from the Morning Milk Packet, to the Gas Cylinder, to the Pizza, and now your Shoes too, get Delivered right to your Doors. But there is one major Problem in this. It is the "Door". You need to Answer that Door to

Quickster- Dry Holi

This one got shared by 93 people on Facebook, and one of them felt it was the best Holi Poster thus far! Post Footer automatically generated by Add Post Footer Plugin for wordpress.

Rise High – Video

“No one wants to nominate themselves for Management Committee”. We hear this from almost every Apartment and Villa Complex. Demographic: 30-50 yr old, well-educated, well-traveled, forward thinking, socially active, accomplished men and women. “No one wants to stand in Elections for the Local/State/Central Government.” We heard this from everywhere. Demographic: 30-50 yr old, well-educated, well-traveled,

Daag Achhe Hain

A LEAF FROM THE TEAM JOURNAL Just had a call with a Customer – Treasurer of a Housing Society with 240 Apartments. His Situation: Gas Bills for all Flats are generated on their ADDA. They upload the Units Consumed,  ADDA calculates and posts the Bills according to the rates they have set up. Bill amounts

ADDAbot – the prank

Yes, the ADDAbot was a April Fools’ prank. Some of you had a hearty laugh, some sent across detailed questions about its functionality, some requested a Demo, some asked if there are Solar Powered versions,  and some thought we were a much younger team than we actually are! Thank you for allowing us to humor

Launching the ADDAbot!

Dear ADDA Patrons, We are here to solve the problems of Apartment Complexes – and the biggest problem after Billing and Collection is Security. Time and again we have heard of Security Guards falling asleep at the Gate, or allowing miscreants enter the Gated Communities and allowing Shoes and Toys being stolen breaking many a

Launching ApartmentVille – a Social Game

Dear ADDA Users, You have known ADDA to offer the best in Society Accounting, Association Management and Communication. Soon you will know us for one more thing – Social Gaming. In association with the popular Gaming Company – Zenga we are launching a very interesting social game – ApartmentVille. Some salient features : 1. Any
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