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Introducing a Brand New Admin Dashboard

Dear ADDA Admins Presenting to you a new  Admin Dashboard. Before we introduce you to the new Dashboard, let us bid adieu to the good old Dashboard. ( Born: Nov 2008. Retired: May 2018 )   Presenting the new Dashboard!   Here are the salient features of the new Dashboard: 1. Boxes to Cards It is colorful,

ADDA Admins Rejoice!

Behind every well run Apartment / Villa Complex – is a team of hard working Management Committee Members, Managers, Office Staff, Accountants and Security Guards. And today – Santa has made an early visit to this team! Introducing a fresh new UI!   What has changed: 1. Modules Arrangement based on Usage Intelligence. Based on usage intelligence gathered from

Service Tax Changes in your ADDA

Dear ADDA Treasurers, If you are in a hurry here is the summary : You need not do anything – we have automatically rolled out the new tax rates in your ADDA. Here is our blog post about the New Service Tax Changes in effect from June 01, 2015. [ Read here ] We have upgraded

Launching a Completely Redesigned iOS App

Dear Apple lovers, You can stop feeling jealous of your Android Friends. Your new native iOS App has arrived at the App Store. Slick, Fast and Gorgeous. [Download link]       Quick Highlights * Entire MyADDA is now available in your pocket. * Create and Join Groups, Start and Read Conversations * Create and Answer Polls

ADDA Android App Relaunched!

Hi Android Aficionados,  We are super excited to present you our new Android App Today – with a Sparkling New User Interface and Slick User Experience. Right away, here is the link to download the app. While it is installing, do read on! The new App is built completely from ground up. Yes! It is

Now you can Print Cheques and Upload Scanned Invoices

Dear ADDA Treasurers, We have 2 exciting upgrades for you.  Cheque Printing A long standing request from many Treasurers / Accountants has been released – Cheque Printing. You can now eliminate manual errors while writing a cheque, and you can print the cheque right from your ADDA. You will find the print option at 2 places

Alert! Emails pretending to be from ADDA Admin!

Dear Users, we were shocked to see an email forwarded by a Premium User, that pretends to be from ADDA. Content of the Email is the screenshot below (recipient address hidden to protect their privacy) Please note this is NOT from ADDA. In case you get such doubtful emails, below is how you know: 1.

Banish Water InSecurity – Workshop on 21-June

  We experienced yet another action-packed Water Workshop on 21-June, Saturday, in Bangalore. The 70+ strong crowd had forward thinking Management Committee Members, Leading Experts in Water Supply, Chief Engineer of BWSSB (Bangalore Water Supply and Sewage Board) and MLA of Karantaka Assembly, in-charge of Bangalore. Here are the presentations and pictures! The Workshop was anchored

Interesting Enhancement in Utility Tracker

 Dear Admins, With Utility Tracker you could set a Grace Period and Simple Interest percentage for Utility bills – which is different from Maintenance Bills. Now we have introduced Automatic Interest Calculation in Utility Tracker too – yes – this is the "interesting" Enhancement we want to tell you 🙂 Not only that, if you

MyADDA – A Brand new UI for Apartment Residents

  Yes! The Dashboard UI is no more on the Resident’s Side!  It will no longer haunt you with its super organised and functional structure but not so engaging UX. You are no longer at the mercy of the Internet Speed while cribbing about the Neighbour’s Dog or looking up your Pictures from the Annual
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