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USABILITY + FUNCTIONALITY Your initiative of rolling out a Software to be a success requires every Stakeholder in the Apartment Complex to be able to use the Product well. a) Residents of various backgrounds b) Management Committee c) Manager/Accountant d) Auditor ApartmentADDA tailors the Product for the specific User group of your Apartment Complex. For

Trending Debate: Villa Communities Vs Apartment Complexes

Over the years, houses have come to be known as solid forms of investment. Whether it is for resale or for renting out, they do yield commendable income. However, whether to invest in a Villa Community or in an Apartment Complex, is something which many prospective house owners internally debate. While we do not have

How To Celebrate An Eco-Friendly Holi

It’s that time of the year again! Holi – India’s much-beloved festival is here! Holi is a Hindu harvest/ spring festival that is held in honor of Lord Krishna and it is typically celebrated in Feb or March. This is festival of fun and frolic, where friends and family gather to smear and dunk each

Great relief for RWA/Housing Societies/Apartment Owners Associations!

25th GST Council headed by the Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has recommended many relief measures regarding GST rates on goods and services covering many sectors and there is great news for RWA/Housing Societies/Apartment Owners Associations. GST Council has released a circular stating the below. A notice about the same is expected by 25th of this month.

Things To Keep In Mind While Renting An Apartment

With people moving to metros in search of jobs, opportunities and dreams, real estate seems to be an ever-booming market in the big cities. With apartments and houses coming up even in the tiniest patches of free land available, finding a house is a very confusing task these days. If you are someone who is
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