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Smart City Mission In India And Its Impact On Real Estate

What differentiates a city like Dubai from cities found in India? Better planning, better infrastructure, more jobs and efficient administration systems that make use of the latest technology. Well, good news, such cities are now going to be set up right here in our nation. The Indian Govt. has launched the Smart Cities mission to

All You Need To Know About Renters Insurance

Renters insurance or tenants insurance as it is called in some places, is a fairly unfamiliar term among Indians. After all, who purchases insurance on a house that is not even yours! So if you are wondering why insurance providers came up with this one, you’d be surprised to know why this form of insurance

Apartment Complexes: The Better Option For Senior Citizens

In Bangalore, in an independent house tucked away in a small street, lived a man with his wife, kids and 77 yr old dad. The man and his wife were both working and their little kids were sent to school everyday. The elderly father was often left by himself during most part of the day.

Union Budget 2018: Here’s what matters for Apartment Residents

The Union Budget was announced in early February. Everyone was quick to notice that this time around, the budget focused heavily on agriculture and the farming community primarily. There were some commendable moves as well – the railways got the largest ever allocation at 1.48 lakh crore while the budget allocation for farmers being nearly

Do Home Loans Help You Save On Income Tax?

Owning a home is a dream for many. An average Indian saves a better part of their income for the down payment of their dream home and then spend a good part of their remaining life paying off the loan. For most Indians, buying a home is a huge financial decision and it often requires

Do You Need NOC From Your Housing Society To Sublet Your Apartment?

For many homeowners who cannot occupy their property, subletting is a common option. And why wouldn’t they? The house will have some human presence and it brings in some extra cash. This is always a better option than keeping it closed and not generating any money. If the property in question is an independent house,

Using Solar Energy To Address Power Issues In Your Apartment

India is the fourth largest producer of solar energy in the world. With everyone striving towards implementing cleaner energy solutions, it isn’t surprising that our government is actively coming up with plans and collaborations to expand solar energy production in this country. With over 300 sunny days available at our disposal, we stand a good

RERA In India: Acceptance By States And The Way Forward

If you’ve partaken in real estate transactions in any Indian city, you may have felt that the laws are a little lopsided and in favor of builders. The builders often used to decide the price and terms. That was until the RERA was passed. Almost a year after this milestone act came into being, not

3 Die In Sewage Treatment Plant In Bangalore

In a shocking event, three labourers have died due to asphyxiation inside a sewage treatment plant (STP) in an Apartment Complex in Bangalore. The police suspect that the three laborers – Mahadevappa, Ramesh, and Srinivas were asked to clean the clogged in-house STP by the Apartment Management. On 7th Jan 2018, by about 10:30 am,

The ADDA Explainer Video Has Been Unveiled!

We are a product that is used by over 18,500+ apartment complexes with 700,000 active users. Hence, it may be safe to say that the ADDA app needs no detailed introduction. That said, we are a product that is evolving at a rapid pace. Our team works round the clock to improve, enhance and make the app
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