Online Facility Booking upgraded

Two important upgrades have been provided to the Facility Booking Application:

1. Slot-wise Booking – As of now the Facility Booking Add-On had the functionality of Hour-wise Rates and Bookings.

Now it also has Slot-wise Rates and Bookings. This means you can have a Morning Slot of 4 hours, at a certain rate, an Evening slot of 5 hours at a different rate, and so on. Residents can choose their Slot (s) and make the Booking.

2. Booking without Payment – In the existing workflow, when a Resident made a Booking, an Invoice used to get posted. Only after entry of Payment against this Booking, the Booking used to get hard-booked. Now, we realize there are scenarios when you are sitting on the late-night flight and realize your little girl’s birthday is tomorrow, and you absolutely need that Party Hall of your Society booked. For such scenarios you can request your ADDA Admin to confirm your booking, with a promise to pay the Invoice later, along with your Maintenance Fee Invoice. The Admin can then use the “Book without Payment” button!

You could eat another piece of the Birthday Cake on behalf of the ApartmentADDA Team :D

Happy Partying!

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