Transfer Electricity Meter To Your Name In Namma Bengaluru

Bought a house in Bangalore? Congratulations! It is indeed a milestone and we wish you all the happiness in your new home. So, have you gotten around to fulfilling the responsibilities of a new homeowner? Khata registration? Electricity meter name transfer? Need help with the latter? That’s what this article is for! Easy Ways To

Guidelines To Make Your Apartment Living More Secure

Living in an apartment complex is the most convenient option for many urban dwellers. The advantages of staying in an apartment society are many: Access to utilities such as Gym, Swimming pool, Play areas, Walker’s park, etc Additional facilities such as 24-hour uninterrupted water and power supply Community living; Hobby classes, festival celebrations Ease of

Ways to Avoid Water Scarcity in your Apartment Complex

Summer has just kicked in. One of the key challenges during summers in Apartment Complexes, packed with modern amenities, is to meet the water demands for keeping all the amenities working. Typically, it’s seen that Apartment Residents consume anything between 140 to 250 litres of water per day! During rest of the year, most apartment

Best Trees For An Apartment Complex

You think this topic is silly? Oh my! You have no clue. What if we tell you that this could be something that affects your overall health?  Our population is rising exponentially. Our cities are getting crowded, pollution is getting worse by the minute and mankind is frantically on the lookout for fixing the very

Transfer Electricity Meter To Your Name In Mumbai

Who doesn’t love Aamchi Mumbai? Somewhere between being the economic capital to becoming the film capital of our country, Mumbai earned a special place in our hearts. So if you’ve decided to put down some roots in the city and buy a home there, let us congratulate on that achievement. And now, the next essential step.

Renting Furniture Vs Buying: Which is the best option for Apartment Residents

As an Apartment Resident, which makes more sense, renting furniture or buying it? Here we present the pros and cons of both. Living in an apartment definitely has it’s added benefits as compared to living in an independent setup. If you live in an apartment (or are planning on living in one eventually), you have a

Transfer Electricity Meter To Your Name In Chennai

Chennai – a city that has been in the news way too much recently is home to some of the richest cultural chapters that this country ever witnessed. The heart of the art and creative community and even the south Indian film industry, this city is a popular choice among south Indians to settle permanently.

Budget 2017: Highlights for the Housing Sector, Home Buyers

In Budget 2017-18 speech a much needed thrust to the Indian real estate sector was given. Here are few important Announcements on Housing Sector: Infrastructure status is given to Affordable Housing Sector Affordable Housing Defined: Projects with flats upto 30sqm in metros & 60sqm in other cities (carpet area). The following will benefit developers and

App Based Security – Avoiding the BlindSpots

As a part of ADDA GateKeeper team, we find it a great honour to be entrusted with the Security Gate Automation of Residential Communities – to be of service in protecting Families and Homes. While doing so, we have made these 3 principles the pillar of the ADDA GateKeeper Solution: Simple – Simple so every

Swach Apartment Abhiyan – 8 Tips For An Uber-Clean Home

Its 2017! While the celebrations and the parties are dying down, people all over the world are chasing new beginnings and dreams, so overall, it is a happy time! This is one of the first few articles that we’re going to dole out this year and so we thought, why not make it about something
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