Renting Furniture Vs Buying: Which is the best option for Apartment Residents

As an Apartment Resident, which makes more sense, renting furniture or buying it? Here we present the pros and cons of both. Living in an apartment definitely has it’s added benefits as compared to living in an independent setup. If you live in an apartment (or are planning on living in one eventually), you have a

Budget 2017: Highlights for the Housing Sector, Home Buyers

In Budget 2017-18 speech a much needed thrust to the Indian real estate sector was given. Here are few important Announcements on Housing Sector: Infrastructure status is given to Affordable Housing Sector Affordable Housing Defined: Projects with flats upto 30sqm in metros & 60sqm in other cities (carpet area). The following will benefit developers and

Swach Apartment Abhiyan – 8 Tips For An Uber-Clean Home

Its 2017! While the celebrations and the parties are dying down, people all over the world are chasing new beginnings and dreams, so overall, it is a happy time! This is one of the first few articles that we’re going to dole out this year and so we thought, why not make it about something

Over Rs.10 Billion Maintenance Dues Managed via ADDA. A glimpse of 2016.

ApartmentADDA Team wishes each and everyone out there a very Happy 2017! Thanking all customers for your support through 2016. Below is a snapshot of how the last year went for us – A story told through numbers. Looking forward to create a larger impact across more gated communities in 2017. Together let’s make Apartment Living

Guidelines on Hosting a New Year’s Party in your Apartment

Planning to host a new year’s party at home this time? Well, in-house parties are great! You can have as much or as little fun as you want, you can pick the food, you can lay down all the rules and the best part? You don’t need to find a way to get home because

Recent changes in Maharashtra Co-Operative Society Act 1960

Following are some of the important changes done in the MCS Act, 1960 and also in the Model Bye-laws of Cooperative Housing societies. Condition for membership – Applicant to take 10 shares of Rs.50 each as against 5 shares. Bye law No.22 on rights of membership talks about the right to receive the notice of

ADDA Admins Rejoice!

Behind every well run Apartment / Villa Complex – is a team of hard working Management Committee Members, Managers, Office Staff, Accountants and Security Guards. And today – Santa has made an early visit to this team! Introducing a fresh new UI!   What has changed: 1. Modules Arrangement based on Usage Intelligence. Based on usage intelligence gathered from

10 Ideas To Celebrate New Year’s At Your Apartment Complex

Another year coming to an end, another year soon to begin! If you do not have any plans of your own to go out and celebrate new year, you can arrange a celebration inside your apartment complex for like minded folks! So here are a bunch of ideas for celebrating a memorable New Year’s event within

GateKeeper: The Journey from a Visitor Management System to a Comprehensive Security Management System

According to a research, 65% of people choose Apartment Living, because of the security it provides. A major part of our Apartment Maintenance Expenses also goes towards Apartment Security.  Yet there are these aspects about Security, which keep bothering us: It is not difficult for troublemakers to enter the complex by writing false information in the

Visitor Management in Apartment Complexes: Still In Stone Age?

In a survey conducted by ApartmentADDA, more than 65% Apartment Residents responded that Security is the main reason that they chose Apartment Living. While more than 25% of the Maintenance Expense is budgeted for Security, the Gate Management in a Gated Community happens using the earliest of tools – The Register. The information of every
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